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HaatoNoKoe: her first convention!

Having a booth at AnimaGeek, for May 2017, is it possible?

Sobre el proyecto

Hi everybody!

I'm Christale, but on the internet, I'm more known to be Princessemagic or HaatoNoKoe!

I'm a 19 years old french artist, who truly wants to try the adventure of having a booth in a manga & anime convention! It would be my very FIRST convention as an artist, and it would be atAnimaGeek, in France, Upper-Normandy!

Even though I'm searching really hard for a job, it is not easy because of my lack of professionnal experiences. That's why, on June 2016, I've started doing my owns goodies, to have some money to help my familly.

You understand, my familly and I can't afford the cost of having a booth. And as I don't sell that much of my goodies on my Storenvy Store, I'm asking for help with Ulule!

I would like your help to have this booth at this convention, so I could have some professionnal experience, I could help my familly, and meet some of my fans (from my channel: Princessemagic)!


Para qué es la financiación

Most of the raised money will be used to buy the goodies I'll present on my stand. The amount of 700€ will be split in 3 parts: 8% Ulule's commission (56€), the goodies (531,27€), and finally, the money for all the rewards (112,73€)!

Please, note that I'm asking you to help me to buy the goodies, and the goodies only. I've decided to take all the other stuff on me, like the business cards, the booth presentation poster, the price to have the booth, etc. I don't want to ask too much, that's why. But of course, if I raise more money than asked, it will help to pay all the rest!

Here are more precisions about the goodies' costs:

  • BUTTONS: 85,50€ (16 visuals, 38mm, 190 buttons)
  • CHARMS (+accessories): 390,61€ (12 to 14 visuals)
  • POSTERS/PRINTS: 55,16€ (1 A3 size, 2 A4 size)

Now, let me talk about the rewards!

I'm offering a special postal card, made for the event! Every people who take a reward (from 5€ to 100€ and more) will have it!


I’m proposing buttons from 5€ reward upward. Depending of the reward you take, you can choose from 1 to 10 buttons! Here is the list of all the designs:


Also, starting from the 15€ reward upward, I'm proposing posters/prints (A4 and A3 size)! From 15 to 30€ reward upward, the poster is automatically A4 size, you choose the design you want. From 50€ reward upward, you have the choice between A4 or A3 size, and you still can choose the design you want. Here they are!

Finally, I'm proposing Clear Acrylic Charms, that you can choose instead of a poster for the 30 and 50€ reward upward. From 75€ reward upward, you'll automatically have one (2 for a 100€ reward). Here is the list of all the charms (CLICK TO SEE THE PICTURE BETTER):



Of course, even if you don't take a reward and give less than 5€, you'll be greatly thanked in a private message that I'll send to you!

Sobre el creador de proyecto

HaatoNoKoe, but more known as Princessemagic!

If I'm presenting this project as HaatoNoKoe, I'm more known with my other name: Princessemagic! I'm a Youtaite, which means I'm singing in Japanese on youtube (but I also sing Disney sometimes!). I'm approching the 17 000 subscribers on my channel, and it's been 7 years now that I'm doing this! That's my main activity!

During those 7 years, I've learned alone how to mix, to do some video animations, and finally, digital art, as I got my graphic tablet on June 2015!

I'd LOVE to be a dubbing actor, and the dream would be to be the (french :P) voice of a Disney Princess one day!


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