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inspired sound

Sobre el proyecto





Handcrafted ceramic & leather speaker

First limited edition of 50 numbered pieces

Among the flood of portable speakers which have appeared on the market in recent years, Echoes by designer Charlotte Juillard, referring to the famous Pink Floyd song, can boast about being one of the most singular propositions, both in its design and aesthetics. A careful and delicate work, the fruit of some extensive research on acoustics led in collaboration with sound engineer Dominique Mafrand.

The challenge was to find the right balance between crafts and technique by creating an innovative product using current technology, offering state-of-the-art acoustics combined with a sensitive and elegant look.

A rawhide handle holds a casing in ceramic, a material chosen for its unexpected sound quality. A magnetised and interchangeable textile grid protects the speaker, offering a well-chosen customisation.

The speaker, which works with Apple’s Airplay system, allows to control the music without any plugging. It is available in a mono but also stereo system for the ultimate music lovers. Currently self-produced, it will be offered in a limited series of numbered pieces.

Between craftsmanship and high technology, here’s a new inspired creation to be discovered.

The loudspeaker works with Apple Airport system (Bluetooth apt-X 4.0 available on request) allowing wireless music streaming. Echoes can be supplied as a single unit or by pair for true stereo listening. Listening to up to six Echoes simultaneously can be achieved too (please read « How does it work » paragraph)  


As an original and hand made alternative to the numerous industrial wireless sound systems, Echoes gets rid of the border between design and high quality sound reproduction. Its graceful shape is unique and it can be customized to infinity. Echoes is fully hand assembled in France with some of the very best components and materials currently available.

The ceramic body is made by the Rigoni company, an italian specialist since the ‘30s. The electronic parts are from world famous manufacturers i.e. Hypex amplification (The Netherlands), Apple AirPort wireless receiver (USA), Lemo connectors (Switzerland) and Markaudio full range speaker (USA).

The Echoes lines were imagined by Charlotte Juillard according to strict technical specifications listed by Dominique Mafrand. The internal volume and the acoustic principle i.e. bass reflex, loading the tiny speaker allow for a high fidelity sound.

We wanted Echoes an indoor acoustic design very respectful of the environment so it does not integrate any kind of cells or batteries. Why ? Lifetime limited cells and batteries are made of substances which are nothing but extremely dangerous and harmful to the environment. Only 60% of raw materials used for manufacturing them can be recycled at very high costs. And only one third of used cells and batteries end their life at a recycling center… Therefore Echoes is a very low consuming eco-friendly system powered by the mains supply. Its use does not produce any kind of harmful waste.

How does it work ?

Echoes integrates an Apple AirPort Express wireless receiver that can play music files in streaming mode from any compatible AirPlay device. For those who would like Bluetooth technology better, Echoes can be supplied on request with an integrated apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.

Talking about Apple, an iPod Touch of last generation, an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac computer can be used straight forward with Echoes. Windows operated products require downloading of either AirPlay or AirFoil for Windows application. Several apps like AllStream, AirAudio, AllCast or Honey Player are available for making Android powered smartphones Echoes compatible. 

For stereo listening, Echoes can be supplied by pair with left channel and right channel units. Furthermore, downloading the Whaale Multiroom Player apps to Airport compatible media allows for streaming music up to six different Airport Express fitted Echoes.

Para qué es la financiación

We have started the study of Echoes in spring 2013 then the first prototypes were made in fall 2013. We have funded by ourselves the first pieces for an amount of 3000 euros i.e. making of the very first mould by the ceramic specialist, manufacturing of several ceramic bodies and purchasing of electronic components for testing before final selection.

We first discussed about manufacturing Echoes piece by piece according to its unique and exclusive identity. But the retail price would have increased too much i.e. 950 euros or so, and sales would have failed even among the enthusiastic french and foreign people who discovered Echoes for the first time at the Now le Off ! show during the Paris Design Week in september 2014.

We then thought about manufacturing in quantity in order to lower costs and retail price consequently. We asked suppliers for their best sales prices and it has appeared that purchasing quantities of 50 pieces of each main component would allow us for a more than 30% reduction of Echoes retail price i.e. 650 euros. « 50 » seems the best discount for quantity figure for our project.

We would like to start the Echoes project by manufacturing a first batch of 50 pieces thanks to partly external financing including crowdfunding. Our requirements are as follows :

Purchase of 50 amplifer boards / 2700 euros

Purchase of 50 ceramic bodies / 3500 euros

Purchase of 50 full range drivers / 2000 euros

Purchase of 50 connectors sets / 1600 euros

Miscellaneous parts (screws, wiring and so on) / 800 euros

Ulule 8% fees / 848 euros

Funding grand total / 11448 euros

This amount would be the perfect goal for us. However some suppliers offer very low discounts whatever the quantity one could order, that is to say the unit purchase price remains very close to normal purchase price. Therefore we have decided to fix our Ulule campaign goal to 6500 euros which are our minimal and necessary needs.

Ulule goal = 6500 euros

Your generosity will hopefully help us getting that extra money we need for manufacturing the first series of 50 signed and numbered Echoes speakers. Very unique pieces of design !

As soon as Ulule gives us the collected money, we make the commitment to do our very best for shipping the rewards and the first Echoes in march 2015. Should we have any problem during manufacturing process involving any delay in our expected delivery schedule, we shall immediately keep our generous supporters informed. Communication is the best way for trusting each other. Thanks to the all of you !

In case the Ulule campaign exceeds our goal of 6500 euros or even better exceeds our ideal goal of 11448 euros, something we only dream of, we would start thinking to a bigger production and to new products Charlotte and i have some ideas about... We would also discuss with our suppliers for extra discounts that could lead to an even more attractive retail price. And you would give us the unexpected opportunity to launch Echoes around the world.

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Charlotte Juillard /  Designer

Following a one-year and a half residency in Fabrica, Italy, Charlotte Juillard decided in 2014 to set up her own design studio running from product design to scenography. Her interior architecture and product design degree, allows her to apprehend objects in their context, never forgetting surrounding space.
Most of the time, her work is a research about material, where textures and forms, softness and femininity combine in favor of the same ambition, giving evidence to the object.

Ateliers de Paris / 30, rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine / 75012 Paris France

 ( © Photo credit / Matthieu Gauchet )

Dominique Mafrand /  Entrepreneur

Dominique Mafrand / Graduated in electronics, company head, specialist reviewer for high fidelity magazines and designer of handcrafted high end audio products, Dominique can’t resist to Charlotte proposal of making a loudspeaker mixing design and high tech en eraly 2013. He has been in charge of the technical part of the Echoes project (selection of components and suppliers, purchase and manufacturing).

Madotec / 17 avenue de Saxe / 75007 Paris France

Echoes has already been published on several magazines and blogs: