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The 1st french cultivated denim : the DAO DenimLin

The 1st cultivated, woven and tinted denim made in France from french & european flax !

Sobre el proyecto

The “DAO DenimLin”

The 1st cultivated, woven and tinted denim made in France from french flax!

300% of our TARGET! Thanks everyone!

It's going too fast! We managed to reach more than 150% ! Thanks everyone ! The orders are still opened!

In just 2 days, we have managed to reach our target of 100 pre-orders ! Thanks everyone ! We will produce and will give all pledges you have done and all the next ones ! The orders are still opened.

100% We did it guys in just 2 days! What amazing! And for the next step ? To enable us to have the “DenimLin” innovation a stock all year long! We believe in you!

There are still 40 days of crowfunding left, the idea now is to make our innovation “DAO DENIMLIN” available in stock all year round!

We rely heavily on “DAO DENIMLIN” to develop and to hire 2 people and of course perpetuate jobs at our suppliers! It's not over yet, let's try again to make some noise in order to attract the mass media to what we are doing here, all together! 

After a 2 years project development, we are proud to present "DenimLin" by Dao : the 1st denim fully cultivated and produced in France !

After 24 months of work, we have developed the “DAO DENIMLIN” collection with partners all located less than 4 hours from Nancy (North East of France).

T-shirts 210gr/m2 45% linen + 55% of combed cotton
Woman: XXS to XL / Model height: 5’11 (1m80) and wears S
Man: XS au XXL / Model height: 6’ (1m83) and wears M
Knitted in La Rivière-de-Corps (France) and made in Torvilliers (France)
Launch price: 40€ 50€
Europe & Worldwide shipping : 10€

“Charlotte" jacket with “DenimLin” fabric (350gr/m2)
Unisex cut XXS to XXL
Woman model: 5’11 (1m80) and wears S
Man model: 6’ (1m83) and wears M
Woven in Rupt-sur-Moselle (France) and made in Nancy (France)
Launch price: 180€ 210€
France shipping : Free
Europe shipping : 10€
Wordwide shipping : 18€

Woman jeans with “DenimLin” fabric (350gr/m2 12.oz), available in straight and slim cut
US sizes available:  W24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 / L30, 32, 34, 36US
Our model wears W26 L36
Woven in Rupt-sur-Moselle (France) and made in Nancy (France)
Launch price: 135€ 160€
France shipping : Free
Europe shipping : 10€
Worldwide shipping : 18€

Men jeans with “DenimLin” fabric (350gr/m2) available in straight and demi slim cut
US sizes available: W28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38 / L30, 32, 34, 36
Our model wears W32 L32
Woven in Rupt-sur-Moselle (France) and made in Nancy (France)
Launch price: 135€ 160€
France Shipping : Free
Europe shipping : 10€
Worldwide shipping : 18€

Support us to enable us to launch “DAO DenimLin”, the first jeans cultivated, dyed, woven and made in France!

Para qué es la financiación

We have innovated, we got round the technical challenges to be able to create this collection. From now, we need you and it is up to you to decide if we are going to go through with this adventure!

To be enable to start this collection, we need to gather at least 100 preorders to produce the first “DenimLin” rollers weaving!

Either you will be able to carry the collection by June or our innovation will remain in prototype state, on our side everything is ready. You hold all the cards in this amazing adventure :-) !

Sobre el creador de proyecto

My name is Davy, I am the founder of DAO brand and its workshop opened after a trip to my parents’ country: Vietnam. During this trip, I became aware of the devastating effects of the jeans industry in which I have been sailing for more than 10 years (he worked for Levis-Strauss and G-Star). In 2012, I created DAO brand with the idea of doing otherwise. In 2014, I opened my workshop and in 2016 I had my first successful crowdfunding to more than 170% of the objective. Finally, the brand was voted best pants brand by readers of the blog specialized in men's fashion “Comme un camion” in 2017.”

“My name is Romain, I am in charge of pants’ cutting in DAO workshop. I joined the brand in 2017 because I wanted to work with my hands and the DAO values fitted me perfectly. Craftsmanship, teamwork, giving meaning to my daily actions is what makes me wake up every morning to come open the door of the workshop. Besides, if you go through Nancy, we're located at 5 rue Saint Nicolas, just a stone's throw from Place Stanislas.”

Our universe:

We belong to a generation seeking for meaning. I am a self-taught man and Romain has three BA degrees. As for me, I am a lucky man. I make a dream comes true, the one I wish for since teen years : being a fashion designer.
What drive us is to be able to gather our know-how with our workshop machines, to learn and to pass on knowledge.
Giving meaning to the products we manufacture and knowing who we make them for. Seeing the fruit of our labors at the end of the day and telling our customers that part of our reward is not just selling jeans but also and above all, seeing them worn.

What is the purpose of collecting clothes? We do like to talk with all those curious people who come through the door of the workshop, to make them discover our world and simply to share it. Setting up a business means making choices and we have chosen to have a simple relationship with the people who support us and carry (or not) our products.
This is the DAO universe : hands, humans in front of other humans, machines, a relax work environment with hardworking people producing products that you want to wear. So in other words a beautiful sustainable and eco clothing. Finally, we will never repeat it enough, if you stop by our city (Nancy): come and visit us! The workshop (located right in the town center) is exactly 387 steps from Place Stan’ (Stanislas square)! 

Thanks to:

Everyone who have supported us from the beginning of this project. Each single of our customers who tested our new products, thanks a lot for your valued feedbacks! Paolo, Aziza, Franck and Anne-Sophie for the photoshoot and the videoshoot ! Denis, our business partner at Valrupt Industrie for your wise and bespoke advices during “DenimLin” Research and Development, for making his factory available to us for the photoshoot! To Marie-Marvingt professional high school in Tomblaine, to the managing staff and the teachers. To Brigitte, Charlotte, Tiphanie, Elsa, Esra and Maëva for the beautiful jacket project ! To Lille resisdents: Lam, Cécile, Hugo, Ludo, Simon and Yann. Special thought to Anaïs! To Condé School of Nancy, it is only a matter of time! To Tonsor&Cie, Brigitte, David and the team for the patience and their constant support! To Marie-Pierre at Promotech, to Agathe and Olivier at BPALC for your trust! To Laurence and Naoual at Cetelor! To the innovation department of CCI Meurthe-et-Moselle To Julie, Sebastien and Marie at CELC: thanks for your advices and for the pictures provision To Sandrine for the DP! To Anthony and Yohann at Lorents Event for the mic! To Gaspar and Yannick for the second mic! To Jean-François for looking for and for finding a mic! To Said for your unfailing support! To Johann for the morning brainstorming sessions! To Julie for the radio! To Romain for everything! To Chantalah!  To Marjorie for the mystery customer! To our families, our friends, our clients and our partners! Damn it, too much people! :-D Thank you so much!