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Translation of my book on Michael Jackson

For an International / Academic Publishing

Sobre el proyecto

My dear friends,

I am writing to you today because, you probably know it, I just finished my second book on Michael Jackson, that will be published in one month in its french version by Delatour ed. : « Michael Jackson : Voice upon the time. From Motown to Bruce Swedien’s studio, the aesthetic shape and the message of a exceptional medium ».

This book, which is built on my academic researches and a part of my doctoral thesis at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, retraces, during 420 pages, the story of this so special voice, since its first melodies as child-star with Motown, until its last recordings. The book is foreworded by John Bähler, one of Michael Jackson’s long-time collaborators, and by the great Bruce Swedien, his sound engineer assigned during 30 years, friend of Quincy Jones and supreme reference in his field on the international scale.

Bruce Swedien helped me a lot, he trusts me, since the beginning of my researches, to which he always had access throughout their publications and translations. For one of them, I received the First Prize for Young Researcher, by the IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music), and it is the source of this book.

Beyond the vocal and musical aspects it talks about, this book will allow the readers to lift the veil of ignorance or misunderstanding on a so often unknown and neglected part of Michael Jackson : an extremely talented artist, rigorous and professional. More than an artistic journey, they will discover the incredible measure of his ethic and what is more similar to a school of life – since the charisma, the humility and the hard work of Michael Jackson, behind the scene, and despite his inner talents, show how respectful he was with his public and his collaborators, and how much he was never taking anything for granted.

Having lived important setbacks during the translation of my first book, « Dangerous, from Mark Ryden to Michael Jackson, Pop culture in the pantheon of Fine Arts », edited by L’Harmattan in french and, finally, recently, in english by Delatour, I would like to be sure that this second book will benefit from the expertise of a quality translator, that will allow to this english good version to be proposed to american scholar publishers for an international edition.

In order to do so, a friend, himself doctor and professor at the University of Washington DC, who appreciates my work, proposed me kindly his help and to work at the translation of the book before this Summer, for a prize 3 times cheaper than the prize usually asked by translators for this kind of big book (4300 instead of 13000 dollars). It will be him who will negociate in situ the academic publishers like those of the University of Washington DC, UCLA or Princeton.

But this translation and this incredible opportunity won’t be possible without your help. And that’s why I ask you. I really need you and your financial support to bring this huge work to life, on the international scale. I do appeal to your generosity, even if I am aware that it can be difficult for many of you… Even a 6 dollars gift would be helpful.

But I also want to reassure you and to tell that, if I don’t reach 100% of the financial goal (and I only have 40 days to achieve), your gifts will be refunded to you…

That’s why I really need you !!


So, my project consists in the translation, by a professional, of my french book « Michael Jackson, Voice upon a Time », which will be published in April 2017 by Delatour France ed, in order to propose it for an american Scholarly Publishing.

I am musicologist and student in PhD in the University of Paris IV – Paris Sorbonne.

My researches aim to renew the so generally biographical or sensational litterature about the artist.

I would like his work to be studied by scholars and academics all around the world. I want to make a contribution about the huge and still unknown unprecedented artistic legacy, left by this outstanding artist, creative, rigorous and humanist. I want his artistic contributions to be measured, analyzed and reinvested by next generations, in an international language.


Para qué es la financiación

The funding for this project willl be exclusively used to pay a professional translator who, being himself an american scholar, will help me, next, to canvass american academic publishers.

This person is, himself, a Michael Jackson’s fan. He knows my works and likes my rigor. He knows the difficulties I had with the translation of my first book on MJ (bad translation, enormous loss of money). It it precisely this background which encouraged him, friendly, to offer me a price corresponding to the half price asked for the translation of 421-pages book (generally 10-12 000 euros)

To reach the amount required (3000), every contributions, even the smallest ones, will be helpful !

Sobre el creador de proyecto

As a musicologist specialized in Michael Jackson’s production, holder of a DEA on his voice and PhD student at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, I work since 7 years, for the awarness, at its fair value, of this Genius of the 20th Century. I analyze his works and recontextualize them in the History of Music and in the History of Records. I also draw on the focused conversations I regularly have with his collaborators, with whom I have true relationships.


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