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Précieux passages

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Sobre el proyecto




A Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, Forney Library

Paris, September 18th-December 28th


Ulrike Kampfert / Céline Sylvestre /Babette Boucher / Sonia Ledos / Jonathan Hens / Stella Bierrenbach / Nathalie Perret / Patricia Correia Domingues / Aude Medori / Galatée Pestre / Laurence Verdier / Angela Bermudez / Elvira H. Mateu /Rodrigo Acosta Arias / Janire Roman Diaz / Edu Tarin /Christiane Köhne / Linda Pieri / Janina Stübler / Nadine Kuffner / Céline Buffetrille / Caro Weiss /

A 3 months exhibition

22 artists from 10 countries

200 jewels on 300 m2

1000 catalogues

More than 8000 visitors expected

With Passion, Conviction, a touch of Kookiness.... And your Strong Support !!!

Nadine Kuffner - Précieux passages - Bijou Contemporain

Angela Bermudez - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Ulrike Kampfert - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain




Précieux Passages is a contemporary jewellery exhibition organised by two french groups of jewellers  Contrepoint  and  GLA  who have, for that occasion, invited two other groups from abroad , Ultra Jewellery and  Viruthiers. The exhibition will show the creations of 22 artists from all over the world.

Précieux passages has been selected by a special jury of experts to participate in the general artistic programm Circuits Bijoux  curated by Ateliers d'Art de France and the association D'un bijou à l'autre. Circuit Bijoux is an unprecedented  event with more thant 60 exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, happening in Paris, starting from september 2013.

Précieux passages is very honored to be welcomed in the 300 m2 showroom of  the Forney Library,  a prestigious place of the Paris cultural heritage.

bibliothéque Forney Precieux passages

Précieux passages  is mainly dedicated to bring to a large  public the artistic approach of contemporary jewellery. How it questions the relations between body and jewels, jewels and creation, jewels and society, ... placing contemporary jewels far more beyond simple ornaments, and their creation at a crossroad of jewellery, design, sculpture, and contemporary art.

Christiane Kîhne - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Aude Medori - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Galatée Pestre - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain




Précieux. First of all precious because of the emotions, messages, and memories embeded in the jewels. But also precious by the specifity of contemporary jewels where the "price" doesn't mainly relies on precious matters but on a more conceptual, technical and sensible approach. The price of an immaterial uniqueness...

Passages. Contemporary jewels are at the core of a network or relations: between the jeweller and the jewel, the jewels and those who wear them, and between the jewels themselves. They are vehicles for significations and each artist has to invent its own language in order to create a passage for meaning.

Précieux passages:  an exhibition where the protagonists, jewellers, visitors and you, dear contributors, will be the " passengers " of this artistic adventure.

Edu Tarin - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Janina Stabler - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Laurence Verdier - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain

Para qué es la financiación

# To create an original scenography for the exhibition Précieux Passages, adapted to the Forney Library premises. It will be conceived having in mind the library's restrictions as well as the security of the jewellery exposed.

The challenges:

To fill a 300m2!
To create contemporary vitrines for contemporary pieces
To make security display cases (jewellery not accessible, inside vitrines)

Rym Tarfaya, Antoine Farcis-Morgat and Stanislas Wang-genh propose to make display cases combining wood, plexiglass and polycarbonate. By playing with its structures and transparency, the jewellery will be magnified and the different rooms of the library will be cleverly occupied.

# To create the exhibition catalogue and print up to 1000 copies. It will have around 60 pages.
Each artist will have a double page and several photos of the jewellery exposed. Aurélie Bertram is working on the visual identity, the maquette, as well as posters and invitations. The introduction will be written by Brune Boyer, art jeweller, doctoral researcher in history of techniques.

That is:
1 graphic designer
1 Kakemono
1 van rental
2 architects
80 sheets of Plexiglass
200m2 of polycarbonate
300 stamps for the Ulule mail
500 screws
600 nails
Hundreds of meters of wood planks
1000 catalogues
And some cold drops of sweat...!

Some extra euros: no luxury at all!

Don't worry if we go over our 10000€ budget, we'll certainly know how to use it! Anyway, you  do understand: the ideas (we've spotted gorgeous opaline polycarbonate...; ) and desire to improve the project are plenty!


Sobre el creador de proyecto



Céline Sylvestre, Laurence Verdier and Galatée Pestre are jewellery artists as well as the exhibition
curators. By their side, the members of Contrepoint and Gla help to refine this project thanks to
their precious advice: Ulrike Kampfert, Sonia Ledos, Babette Boucher et Aude Medori.

Céline Sylvestre/ jewellery artist/ lives and works in Paris/ President of Contrepoint association/ founding member of D'un bijou à l'autre association/ Loves the fruitful reveries in the atelier.

Céline Sylvestre Portrait Precieux Passages

Laurence Verdier/ artist/ lives and works in Paris/ active member of Gla/ President of D'un bijou à l'autre association/ Conducts a writing workshop, En roue libre / Loves to crochet words and string ideas.

Laurence Verdier - Bijoutière plasticienne

Galatée Pestre/ jewellery artist/ lives and works in Paris/ active member of Gla/ founding member of D'un bijou à l'autre association/ looks out for the “likes” in her facebook page.

Galatée Pestre - Bijoutière plasticienne




Scenography: Antoine Farcis-Morgat et Rym Tarfaya, architects and Stanislas Wang-genh

Only part of our body that we can choose, the jewel dresses us. Carnal extension, It will blow up a sensation that we will readily attribute to it. It is as well the delicate armour, the subterfuge, the jewel tell about our frailties. For the scenography of the exhibition Précieux passages we use materials that evokes the human body. Therefore, a wood structure will symbolize a skeleton, covered by a translucent polycarbonate skin. Sometimes uneven, the volumes can be pierced and accommodate the pieces within the structure. Of flesh and bones, the exhibition intends to reveal the soul of contemporary jewellery in its hart.

Précieux Passages scénographie vue 1

Précieux Passages scénographie vue 2

Visual identity and catalogue : Aurélie Bertram, graphic designer
The visual identity “Précieux Passages” shows jewellery from a contemporary perspective, and
relates to its diverse forms of representation. The logo is intended to be structured, efficient, sober, representing at once the different participants.
The identity, through its circulation and juxtapositions, its subtle connections of passages, transmissions, extensions and openings, approaches the precious by its subtlety and the passages by a strong structural aspect. The colours are natural, mineral, reflecting the raw materials used in jewellery making.

logos precieux passages





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Babette Boucher - Précieux Passages - Bijou Contemporain


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