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Pokett's Crumble's LP on double vinyl & remastered

Pokett & Quixotemusic partner to release a remastered vinyl double LP version of sophomore album Crumble + unreleased and rare tracks

Sobre el proyecto

- - - PRE-ORDER - - - POKETT 1st LP, Crumble, remastered on double LP vinyl - - -

Pokett's critically acclaimed first album, Crumble, was released in october 2004. French weekly cultural magazine Telerama rated it 4ƒ, while monthly pop magazine MAGIC ! described it as "One of the best records issued in France this season". On the web, Etherreal invited their readers to "Imagine an Elliott Smith album produced by Jim O Rourke".

Stéphane Garry wrote, composed and recorded the songs with Sandrine Boyer, Clemence Freschard (Kreuzberg Museum, ...), Bertrand Groussard (King Q4), Stephane Laporte (Domotic, Egyptology,..), Laurent Vaissiere (Paloma). The mastering was conducted by Emiliano Flores (My Jazzy Child, François Virot, Olivier Lamm, ...).

Back then, Crumble was only released on CD via Intercontinental Records in France, Scientific Laboratories in Ireland and Wireless Records in Australia.

Technology and recording techniques have since evolved prompting Stephane Garry to give a second life to his sophomore opus. He remastered the whole album and partnered with Quixotemusic to release it.

Passionate about the sound and warmth offered by vinyl, Stephane considered it would be the occasion to upgrade the sampling rate from the CD version and offer a nice double LP.

With a total length around 48 minutes, the quality of sound and the tracklisting sequence meant at least three sides so that songs could literally breathe. Sound restitution would also benefit from less compression, both figuratively and technically.

Then arose the matter of the fourth side. Stephane Garry and Quixotemusic decided to celebrate the release by offering previously unreleased or rare tracks from Pokett's library. The choice went down to tracks from the limited edition of Your Picture Here EP that was hand manufactured at the time.

WallsRain OnYours and Sand were picked up and another rare tracks made available on a Radio Campus Paris compilation... Aspirin #5.

The cover for this double 180gr gatefold LP was completely redesigned in the spirit of the original version, and pictures cleaned to meet the dimensions and pleasure of the object.

Special gifts will come with the pre-order campaign such as a double-sided tote bag and additional unreleased, rare or live tracks.

Para qué es la financiación

The album is laready on its way to be manufactured.

There will only be 300 pieces.

Each Crumble tracks have been remastered, so were the bonus songs.

The campaign will only run for a few weeks for the sake of pre-order and bonuses offered to longtime fans and musically curious people. The exclusive tote bag was added because we can.

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Stephane Garry, aka Pokett, is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and sound ingineer with a solid reputation on the all grounds in the French indy music scene. 

The Crumble album was welcomed with benevolent critics not only by French journalists, but also some of their English and Australian peers. It seemed only fair to offer the possibility to benefit from a remastered vinyl issue.

This context and idea obviously lead Quixotemusic to show interest in the process, after a previous collaboration on one of the label's release of a 7inch record for French singer Joseph Fisher.

Quixotemusic, aka Quixote R.P.M. is an underground DIY structure dedicated to helping, developping, fostering young artists regardless of the music genre and whose popularity is deemed underrated. Hence the present campaign..


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