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Handmade knitwear in 100% Royal Alpaca

Sobre el proyecto

Orders are now on !

Pirua is a knitwear line for Men and Women in 100% Royal Alpaca.

This fiber is the finest of all Alpaca's, finer than Baby. It represents only 1% of the global alpaca production. It is softer, much warmer and resistant than cashmere ! Our sweaters are made by aristans of the Bolivian Andes who whork from their own home and weave and knit them fully by hand.

The Alpaca lives in the Andean Mountains, essentially in Peru and Bolivia, at around 4000 meters high where the wind blows strongly and temperatures can go below -20° ! His secret to resist these conditions is his wool ; because it is longer, finer and hollow, it retains a lot of air that makes it very insulating. Moreover, it does not retain humidity at all, which adds up to its confort and thermal qualities. For comparison, cashmere has a humidity absorption rate of 15%.

The breeding of Alpaca is very extensive : it can be seen wandering around in the big spaces of the Andes. Unlike Lamas, the Alpaca does not loose his hairs naturally. Thus the shearing is essential for his confort and well being. Shearers are experienced professionals who know how to get animals' trust and avoid them stress. 

The length of the fiber makes it way more resistant than cashmere or any other wool. Thus the sweater does not shrink or get distorted. Pieces from 2500 years ago were found in Peru !

No other animal produces a wool with as many different natural colors : 22 in total ! It allows deeper colors with cool shades.

The first shearing of an Alpaca's life is put aside. The fiber from this shearing is sorted and the finest fiber will experience 4 processes of filtering to get Royal Alpaca, while the other fibers slightly thickerwill know only three of them and become yarns of Baby Alpaca. The Royal is only 1% of the world production of all Alpaca yarn !.

To be concrete, the diameter of standard Alpaca is 25 microns, 22 for Baby and 19 for Royal.

We chose a 2/16 yarn - meaning two intertwined yarns of whick 16 meters are 1 kilo - and a gauge of 5 for a warm piece :)

We wanted the precision of artisanal craftmanship. We turned towards artisans from the Bolivian Andes that have been working this fiber for decades.

First they weave and knit the different parts (chest, sleeves and collar) with a manual weaving machine. It's the best 

The sleeves and chest are then assembled by knitting, in clothing we call it fully-fashioned. It's way more resistant and elegant than the other technique more industrial of cutting and sewing.

The artisans are paid between 400 and 500 hundreds euros per month while minimum wage in Bolivia is around 150 euros.

We haven't seen elsewear knitwear in 100% Royal Alpaca which is less than 200 euros. We really wanted to make this exceptional material affordable ; thanks to a distribution without intermediaries and an effort on our margins, theses pieces will be at 79€ during the campaign and 99€ at the final price !

Choose your usual size !

We already have some stock in Paris ! Therefore the first 800 hundred orders will be delivered before Christmas.

Delivery for the following orders will be february 2018.

We met the NGO Warita who fosters several projects regarding education in El Alto, the poor neighborhoud of La Paz. They build bioligical green house in schools that allow to teach biological agriculture and diversify alimentation for children. They also support cultural activities such as comedy classes and buy school supplies.

For each sweater we'll sell, we'll redistribute 1€ to the NGO, which represents 10-15% of our benefits.

Para qué es la financiación

Our major costs lie in the supply of the Royal Alpaca fiber and the manpower to make the sweaters. It is also necessary to take into account the VAT at 20%, the 8% commission of Ulule, the transport of Bolivia to France (3 €), the home delivery offered (8,5 € in France), the donation to the association supporting education as well as the costs inherent in society.

If we go beyond our goal, we will be able to build a stock and create new models.

The crowdfunding pre-order format allows us to better adapt our order to our workshops. This makes it possible to offer such a product that is expensive to manufacture at 20% less than the final price!

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Armand, Henri and Nicolas (from left to right)

We are childhood friends!

You may have already seen us thanks to Perús, the socially responsible brand of sneakers that we created 3 years ago and launched on Ulule. Our travels and our 3 years of experience in fashion have made us want to launch a project that combines craftsmanship, exceptional materials and fair prices, against traditional fashion and more particularly of the Fast Fashion.

We completely embrace the concept of Slow Fashion which consists of offering timeless and durable clothes that can be kept for a lifetime. Our collections are long and have less less frequent renewal than other brands. The development of these sweaters took 9 months.

We would like to thank Noé Pradel-Fraysse & Thibault Bélouis for their remarkable work on video and photographs. Thank you Julie Arnu and Clément Becq for having embodied our products.

Thanks to Patricia, who has been working with us since October.

Thank you to all those who, through their advice, helped in the development of this new brand.

Finally, thanks to the more than 20,000 contributors to the Perús project. Your contributions and your trust have given us the means and the momentum to propose this new project!