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Perús - New Collection

Sneakers Handmade in Peru

Sobre el proyecto

1601 PRE-ORDERS, thank you so much for your support ! Not only our second collection is now a reality, but it is now also a new crowdfunding record !

For the late-birds : Pre-orders continue at PERUS.CO


We are Perús, a socially responsible unisex sneakers brand ! Our project was born thanks to Ulule two years ago

After our first collection of canvas sneakers, plenty of you have asked us for Leather and Suede designs that would fit all seasons.

Today, we are very happy to present our new collection available in pre-order.

All of our sneakers are entirely handmade in our three Peruvian artisanal workshops, in Lima.

The spirit of the brand is to propose elegant sneakers enlightened by traditional Peruvian patterns whose wealth keeps on dazzling us.

Since our birth on Ulule two years ago, we aim to redistribute to disadvantaged communities whose culture and history are those that we inspire ourselves from to design our sneakers.

Thus right from the start we have created the TwoShoesForSchool program in collaboration with Los Chicos de Cusco. For each pair sold, we finance one day of school for a child of the ASVIN school in San Jeronimo, a particularly ppor suburb of Cusco. Since the beginnings of Perús, we have financed the equivalent of an academic year for 65 children.

For this line, we have sourced in the Arequipa region, known for the quality of its skins, an full grain leather of excellent quality, with a Nappa treatment which is optimal for sneakers because it allows an excellent resistance to water, sun and stains. The 7 cm traditional canvas is set on the heel. The atural rubber sole (more ecologic an aesthetic) is sewn in addition to being glued.




This line, which counts 5 declinations of colors, is made out of a Suede leather also sourced in the Arequipa region. The traditional patterns are typical of the Chincherro village, a mythical place with a strong artisanal culture located in the sacred valley of the Incas, in the Cusco area. The sole is sewn in addition to being glued.


GAMUZON MARINO                                  GAMUZON GRIS           

GAMUZON VINO                           GAMUZON MARRON         

It’s a new form within Perús sneakers. They are also made of Suede and textile. We have used two different patterns that lead to two different designs, themselves declined in various colors :

-       The Chincherro design, made with the same woven canvas which is used in the Gamuzon Line, sourced in the sacred Valley of the Incas


CHINCHERRO MARINO                                    CHINCHERRO ARENA


-       The Ayahuasca design is made with an embroidered pattern. This pattern comes from the Shipibo culture, an aborigenous community of Peruvian Amazonia. It evokes the sinuosity of life as well as the wildlife and flora of the Jungle.

While we were in Peru working on the development of this design, the discrict of Lima where some Shipibo


CHINCHERRO GRIS                               CHINCHERRO ARENA

CHINCHERRO VINO                        CHINCHERRO MARRON        

- The Pucacuro design which is also inspired from the Shipibo tradition. Its pattern evokes the mystical spirits of the Jungle !


Para qué es la financiación

Pre-orders will allow us to finance the production of these new lines. Our main development costs will come from the fabrication of molds and the high order minimum of our providers of materials (leather, suede, canvas).

If we go beyond this objective, we will be able to build a stock and create new designs in the near future.

As for you, you will be the firsts to wear this new designs and will benefit from our special launch price ! (-20% from retail price)

We are very happy to have come all the way to that point. We started out with a 5 people workshop that could produce 200 pairs a month and today this workshop counts 10 artisans and two more workshops are also working with us. Thus we managed to combine artisanal craftmanship and good volumes since our workshops can now produce over 3000 pairs a month.

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Hi ! We are Marie-Gabrielle, Armand, Nicolas and Henri.

Us boys we are best friends since childhood and Marie Gabrielle joined us 6 months ago.

About two years ago, we were backpacking in Peru when we discovered the beauty of Peruvian craftmanship. We directly wanted to get inspired from it and share it.

Passionate about travel, we were very enthousiastic about starting a project that would convey this passion !

We are really thankful to be able to climb a new step with you, a huge thanks again for your support !