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PASSION - short film

A musical, human and cultural journey

Sobre el proyecto

Could you sacrifice everything for your passion? This is what Ionas will do. A young man from Greece, passionated for music, will leave his life on the island of Rhodes in the hope of joining the choir Mikrokosmos in France.

His success depends on you!

We would like to make a short film exploring the theme of passion, which will immerse you in the daily lives of the artists of an enchanting choir. The choir Mikrokosmos is often in movement, singing around us, impersonating characters, inviting us into their unique world.

"Here, time stops, artists are connected, different languages and harmonies are embraced”.

This film is an ode to music, to its power to overcome all obstacles and transform us. It also creates a bridge between two countries, by exchanging cultural elements. The singularity of the film will be the absence of dialogue. Using only music as a means of expression, we show its universal dimension making it accessible to all.

Despite the current situation related to COVID-19, we are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful group of musicians, technicians, and actors who support us and are ready to take us to this musical journey leading us to the heart of the choir Mikrokosmos. To start this cultural adventure and filming, we need your support.

This movie combines fantasy and reality: In February 2019, during the 1st edition of the « Festival European Polyphony » in Rhodes, the choir Mikrokosmos experienced the Greek hospitality. Emotions were very strong during the concerts, both in the audience and the choir. This is the reason why we want to make the movie in Rhodes. Leading you to this magical place, full of history and culture. We would also like to help you immerse yourself in the backstage of these concerts by following the artists in their own place in France, through the story of Ionas.

On the island of Rhodes, a father forces his son Ionas whose passion is music, to practice a profession he considers most honest. Work with him in the vineyard. But Ionas refuses and leaves his country to try to join a famous choir of singers in France ...

Imagine yourself in the backstage of an artist's daily life and work before a concert, 

give life to the movie "PASSION".

Para qué es la financiación

How will funding help?


The funding will be used to cover part of the production costs of the short film.

The first part of the filming will take place in France, following the choir Mikrokosmos for a few days at its headquarters (rehearsals, concerts, etc.).
Then, the second part of the filming will take place in Greece on the island of Rhodes, which is not only an island full of history and cultural heritage but also the island where the festival takes place - the film's inspiration.
To make this musical, human and cultural journey we need to finance part of the production costs: recording equipment, travel, accommodation, maintenance, costumes, etc.

Release of the short film

  • You will be the first to see it. We will give you access to the movie as soon as it is ready.
  • Then we want to send the film to several film festivals in France, Greece and elsewhere.
  • We will recommend it on various TV channels such as Arte, OCS or France Télévisions.
  • Long term, we will make it available for free on the YouTube channel.

 All this information will be announced on the social media of the movie "Passion".

            Click the link below : Instagram ou sur Facebook

Sobre el creador de proyecto

  • Simon Fauquet, producer of the film and director of Sikana
  • Gabriel Mirété, scriptwriter, actor and director of the film
  • Choir Mikrokosmos, direction Loïc Pierre
  • The actors
  • The french association Arts Spontanés, founded by Chrysanthos Antoniou, co-director of the film
  • The Greek association Ars Artis, founded by Savvas Karantzias
  • The Festival European Polyphony co-fonded by the two associations
  • And You, by supporting us!



I am the co-founder of the production company Sikana. We travel all over the world, creating educational programs in videos aimed at granting knowledge and teaching skills. In this project, the element of cultural exchange fully represents our mission. With great joy and satisfaction, Sikana participates in the development of this project.






I'm an actor and I've played several roles on TV (L'Effondrement-Canal +), cinema (Django by Etienne Comar with Reda Kateb and Cécile de France) and on the internet. (Collectif Les Parasites). I am also a screenwriter and director. In 2018 I directed a short film called Ambre, available on my YouTube channel "Gabriel Mirété".








I am the president of the association Arts Spontanés, specialized in live performances, developing artistic, cultural, and educational programs in the domain of music.
The objective is to discover and experience art emotionally, creating a meeting between the audiences and artists from different countries and cultures. I am also the artistic director and co-founder of the European Polyphony Festival that takes place on the island of Rhodes.







I am a composer and guitar teacher at the A. Corelli Conservatory of Rhodes Island (Greece). I have composed works for symphony orchestra, choir, chamber music, and solo instruments. I collaborated with important music ensembles such as Choir Mikrokosmos, the Moscow Synodal Choir, etc. I am also the artistic director and co-founder of the European Polyphony Festival that takes place on the island of Rhodes.  






Léa Issert is an actress who has appeared in theater, television, cinema, music videos, and short films. Léa also lends her voice to dubbing fiction.











Choir Mikrokosmos is a group of 40 young singers, with more than twenty international awards. In their repertoire, they mainly perform modern compositions and works a capella.


Loïc Pierre is the founder and artistic director of Choir Mikrokosmos. He is also a director, scenographer, composer, and visual artist. He is a defender of the modern repertoire and more specifically of the choral art a capella.


Travel by listening to one of their concerts"La Nuit Dévoilée" concerts.


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