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Pirates Stories from the Border

Sobre el proyecto

This project aims to tell the life stories of some people that are way too easily called outsiders or “on the edge”, people that seem to refuse what we call civilization.

The characters of this film are men and women who lead a disconnected life, wild and improvised at times, which escapes from the banality of a standardized life. They search elsewhere for their personal and intimate way of being in this world.

It is not our intention though to trace the same old opposition between conformism and anti-conformism. These people are not looking for an alternate identity opposed to the predominant one, they don't join some kind of ideology, they aren't hippies nor anarchist rebels. Theirs is a philosophy of adventure, that sometimes risks to become a mere romanticism for its own sake.

The film we want to make retraces their chaotic existences, investigating a repressed and childish need for the unexpected and the magnetic attraction to playing games, which is so clear when we are children, but that we some times loose when we grow up.

In the end this could be a good resumé of their philosophy: there isn't a way to salvation that is mutual to all human beings. Everyone creates their own life as they want to and try to be happy in their own way. The main characters of our film live the fact that there are no permanent laws and they are just faithful to themselves.

Non-fixity is intimately accepted by each one of them. This gives to each individual a more just and healthy dimension about the precariousness of reality: since things aren't fixed at all, as the modern principles of quantum physics demonstrate, the characters of our film conceive life as a constant change.

We want to narrate their attempt of growing up remaining kids.

Para qué es la financiación

The crowdfunding is just one of the tools we are using in order to finance and sustain our project  LAND IN SIGHT.

We recently obtained a fund from CBA - Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles, to write it and develop it.

The funds we hope to collect through the crowdfunding are essential to gather the proper resources and take the first step, which is finding locations and start shooting some material during September-October 2017.

Meanwhile, the CVB - Centre Vidéo à Bruxelles is following the production of the project, helping us in the search of more public funds, and nonetheless of other production companies interested in a co-production.

The shooting will take at least one year and the film will be completed by the end of 2018.

At that point, accordingly to your contribution, you will receive a reward as a symbol of our gratitude: free online views of the film, a blu-ray or pen-drive containing the film with extra contents, the projection of the film with the presence of the author – ( the shipping expenses are on us).  It is also possible to simply donate without asking for anything back. In the right column of this page you can choose the option you prefer to help the project and in the following link you get all the infos about your payment and transactions security in ULULE:

You can follow the project and keep you informed about our work visiting the Facebook page of the project or the section News in this webpage.

For those who'd like to receive something concrete at the moment of the donation, we asked to our friend and artist Valeria Scricco to create a art book/diary inspired by the film:

A diary is a tool that lives and gives life to that part of us, which is hidden in the ordinary everyday life and comes alive and discloses during twilight and during the nighttime hours.

As it happens when in the middle of the forest everything is silence, and the origins of the world reveal themselves dressed as cracks between things, showing the existence of a land that is still wild, poetically violent, and of a monstrous and uncatchable beauty.

Valeria Scricco


Watercolor, tempera, engraving on metal and linoleum, colored pencils, graphite, pens, pantones, monotypes, old photos of old newspapers. Hand Binding.


A5 (21 cm height 14.8 wide)

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Giulia Angrisani, after her studies in Anthropology between Naples and Lisbon, is currently living in Bruxelles, where she attended a master at the Graphic and Pedagogic Research School ERG ( Her projects aim to create a mutual field between art and human sciences. She is working at the realization of films that have the urge of creating new alphabets and thought patterns, thus a new vision of reality.

Mattia Petullà graduated in Communication in Bologna. He started his career as a videoreporter. Later started working as an editor and directed his firsts short films distributed in International film festivals. Currently he works as director and producer freelance.