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The Bibliothèqueer

Pop-up LGBT+ library

Sobre el proyecto


  • WHAT is the Bibliothèqueer?

Bibliothequeer was born from the will to share LGBT+ literature with everyone, for free, in a supercool parisian venue. 

From July 1st to 13th, there will be three bookshelves at the Point Éphémère, 20 quai de Valmy 75010, Paris.

Everyone will be able to go there and read, or even watch a movie on our small yet brave pc. The idea is to give access to a literature and a culture that are not always easily accessible, even to those interested in it, and to show awesome comic books and novels to people who wouldn't have usually picked it.

  • For WHOM ?

EVERYONE. Everyone who loves reading, who loves people, who loves sunshine. There will be loads of books in English, so if you're around, please come and say hi (and read, obviously). 

  • WHY crowdfunding? 

The Bibliothequeer is 100% non-profit. No one from our team will make any money, we do it because we love books and access to non-mainstream culture. A - small - part of the books has already been bought or donated, but we now need your help to fill the shelves with more novels, comic books, graphic novel and theoretical essays. 

A HUGE THANKS TO: publishing house des Ailes sur Un Tracteur, the La Maison des Ensemble, writer Laura de B (Happyk) who have been amazing enough to give us books, and to the Point Éphémère for hosting us this summer.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Para qué es la financiación

  • Why do we need 1500€ ?

To buy books. Even if we try to buy seconhand whenever we can, most books are around 15€.

As we care about the authors been paid as they should be, we will not be purchasing books on Amazon, but directly on the publishing house's websites, in specialised bookstores, new, secondhand...

To buy bookshelves. We need three small bookshelves that we will buy secondhand. 

To buy chairs. So everyone can enjoy a comfortable reading…

To buy movies. We have a small, old but still working pc, and we would like everyone to be able to watch movies on it. As we want to pay artists for their work, we are going to buy the movies. 

Facebook page communication (200€). To make sure that everyone who would be interested in attending knows about the event. 

  • What if we get MORE ?

LGBT+ DJ for the opening (200€), to celebrate together our first event!

More books and more movies. Again, we will not keep one cent to ourselves. Each euro that we collect goes to things we can share with you during the event.

  • Want to help but you can't give money? 
  1. YOU CAN GIVE ! If you have a book that you think will fit and you'd be ready to donate it, please send us an e-mail! That's the best anyone can do for us, WE NEED BOOKS, not matter if in English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese...
  2. You can SHARE the crowdfuning campaign. Who knows, maybe thanks to your cousin or your salker ex, we might have enough money to have all three Sunstone comic books! l
  3. Tu peux COME. Because there wouldn't be an event if no one could attend. Any attendance at heart will be appreciated as well!