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Kino International Meet-ups

Amateur film festival from the 2nd to the 6th of October

Este proyecto participa del programa Dailymotion

Sobre el proyecto

The Kino movement started in October in Bordeaux, and from the 2nd to the 6th October, we bring you the first year of 'Kino Rencontres Internationales'. (International meet ups for KINO members).

Kino is a movement of amateur film directors from around the world who get together with the intention of creating short films in just four days. Born in Montreal in 1999, the dynamique Kino festival has flourished and there are Kino groups the world over. Now in Bordeaux, we are organising these meetings in the style of an international independant film festival  in order to give opportunities to one another, to meet and exchange experiences and desires, doubts and needs, both amateurs and pros.

Equally, we see  these meetings as a possibility to open Kino up to new members. In organising an appeal for projects, we can reach out to a larger public. We took the advantage of the traditional film festival format to give the festival the boost in credibility that it deserves.

The more participants, the more these meet ups will be of wider interest. Certain selected film directors will be invited to attend Bordeaux with us.

These meet-ups should be thought of as something like a creative village, ephemeral and intense, open to everyone. They will provide an artistic and participative window onto independent production through several key highlights:

>A KINO international short film appeal 

>A KINO Kabaret

> Special features about KINO groups

>A Master class

>Meetings and debates on the KINO movement and independent production

Over four days, in the exceptional setting that Bordeaux offers, the purpose will be to dream, push further the boundaries of what is possible, exchange ideas and create together.

We are a movement, we are a generation, we are KINO, be part of it !

Welcome to the “Rencontres Internationales KINO” !

 We invite you to visit our (french) website about the meet-ups :



Sobre el creador de proyecto

It all happened in January 1999 in the heart of Montreal. It is said that it was the fear of an announced apocalypse that triggered this creative frenzy. Do well with nothing, do even better with a little, do it now… Because tomorrow it will be to late. Anyway, tomorrow arrived and the KINO virus spread over the globe faster than bird flu !

Today, KINO is a planet filled with independant groups animated by a common energy : the creative one ! When taking a closer look at this planet, we imagine an alter ego situated several thousand kilometres away, saying at the same time the word KINO, and when thinking about the future, the idea of meeting up becomes obvious.

Who are you, kino maker from the other side of the world ? What are the stories you long to tell us ? What is your story ? A few days probably won’t be enough for what we have to share and tell to each other… May it at least be the beginning of longer exchanges.


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