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"J'oublie que je Rêve" - First "Ambient" album

Vinyl, CD et Digital

Sobre el proyecto

Musician and sound engineer for many years, I made the recording of an album of "ambient" music, the goal of which is to invite listeners to dream, to live at least a relaxing and bewitching sound experience. This album is also for me the culmination of a dream, perhaps since the first time I listened to one of the greatest representatives of the "ambient" movement, Brian Eno. Produced from different synthesizers (analog, Moog etc, or atypical, Omnichord, Pocket Piano, Stylophone etc), this disc project will be accompanied by experimental live performances, not only on traditional stages, but also for example in environments natural, museums, at home, or alongside other artists, as part of an exhibition of paintings, photographs etc. Carried out during the period of confinement, I also see this project as a way to re-anchor, to refocus, since we are living through a difficult period. This record called "J'oublie que je rêve" will be released on vinyl, CD and digital.

Voici le tracklisting :
1. Cohérence
2. Boucle Humaine
3. Histoire Nocturne
4. Ciel Caverneux
5. Elle (Souffle)
6. Poussière de rêve
7. Rebond
8. Suspension
9. J'oublie que je rêve

Para qué es la financiación

The funding will be used to partially cover the pressing costs of 100 vinyl records, 200 CDs as well as the development of covers by the talented Elinoï.

Here is the detail of the sums involved:
- pressing 100 vinyl albums: 958.80 € incl.
- pressing of 200 Digisleeve CDs: 456 € TTC
- graphic creation of album cover: 578 € TTC
- printing 50 A3 posters on 170g paper: 130.38 € incl.
TOTAL: 2,123.18 incl.

Depending on the success of the funding, I will consider having a video made, or even designing experimental sound installations ...

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Born on November 18, 1979, Sébastien Bédé is a songwriter, performer, as well as sound engineer and producer at Studio la Cave Sonore. His practiced instruments are mainly keyboards (Minimoog, Piano, Stylophone, Qchord…). He has participated in several albums as a musician and producer since 2005: Sound Sweet Sound, Laetikèt, A Loulia, Frederick, Alpaga, International Hyper Rythmique, Gone Dead Train etc… He makes custom remixes such as for Alex Rossi, De Calm, International Hyper Rythmique, or for fun, by David Bowie and Queen, as well as covers of popular artists (Brian Eno, Daniel Darc, Michel Polnareff, Serge Gainsbourg …). He was influenced, whether for these solo works or the productions, by Brian Eno, Roedelius, Daniel Darc / Frédéric Lo, David Bowie, Air, or even Christophe. When it comes to the production of pop / rock songs, he seeks depth by creating “ambient” and subtle textures. In 2020, he is focusing his work on “ambient” instrumental music, more cerebral and experimental, with the objective of performing both in concert halls and more atypical places, such as museums, exhibition venues, or even in nature. Portrait taken from an article in the "Art, Notes & Tag" Blog Sébastien Bédé is one of those delicate talents that one discovers with headphones on, by stripping the booklets and covers of records with the words "sound engineer", "keyboards", "arrangements" or "production". We also often see him in a corner of the stage, behind his Minimoog, a stylophone in his hand with different formations (Sound Sweet Sound, Daniel's Child, Jun and the Paradox Mind, Lulu's Not My Name…). He is the discreet man, lover of sound and meticulous artist who tirelessly articulates, produces and researches. Moving from the stage to the studio, from his instruments to his consoles, Sébastien Bédé is an intrepid musician and above all a "sound craftsman" in his own way. His work cannot be seen, he can be heard, listened to and with a little practice, a leg emerges. Whether on stage or in the studio, the listening ear recognizes his taste for well-designed atmospheres, the roundness of sounds, the placement of elements in the musical space, sometimes strange noises. In 2009, Sébastien Bédé published a remix of David Bowie, retweeted by Billy Corgan. The frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins was not mistaken, "Awesome!"

Self-produced Solo Discography

Gentil Chaos (2017) (Vinyle + Digital)
Enjoy the Sadness (2010) (Digital)

Group Discography

Jun and the Paradox Mind - Moments (EP) (2015)

Sound Sweet Sound – Sinner Songs on Movie Scenes (2015)
Sound Sweet Sound – Holy Songs and Human Scenes (2014)
Sound Sweet Sound – Sound Sweet Sound (2012)

A Loulia – Bénie Sois-Tu Tristesse (2010)
A Loulia – Parole de Nuit (EP) (2009)
A Loulia – Dévalise Moi les Paupières (2008)

Audiosonics UK21 – Sensatorial (2012)

Instruments used:
Minimoog Voyager
Minimoog Voyager RME
Moog Grandmother
Moog Opus 3
Suzuki Qchord
Suzuki Omnichord OM-300
Stylophone Genr8
Stylophone 350s
Pocket Piano
Nord Electro 3…
Effects : Moog MF-104M, Moog Murf, Moog MF-108M,
Eventide Space, Strymon Volante, Earthquaker Avalanche Run …

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