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Africultures : Décentrer Déconstruire Décoloniser

Africultures releases a special issue. Support him !

Sobre el proyecto

Why a special issue ?

Since February 2018, we have got to know that Africultures might have to shut down. If the organisation disappears, it means that a 20 year-long work on African and diasporic contemporary cultures might disappear along with it.  As an answer to these difficult times, we started discussing the idea of creating and editorial object that would carry, against all odds, questioning our time through the tools Africultures has always used over the past 20 years : artistic creation, interviews, debates, critical thinking. 

This special issue has entirely been created on a voluntary basis. Everyone could invest as much time as they wanted and all were deeply moved by what is the core spirit and values of Africultures (re-read here)

Table of contents and aims
1) Decentering Eurocentered and Frenchcentered point of views 
A central theme looking at Afrobrazilian and latin American resistance struggles in the aftremath of Marielle Frenco’s assassination in 2018. 
A new generation of African cultural actors and intellectuals participated or are featured in this issue.  
Questioning the idea of « francophonie » 

2) An important space dedicated to artistic creation 
- Many artists were given carte blanche. Some of them had never been published on Africultures, others are long time contributors. 
The laureates of Africultures’ first literary contest are published in this issue. 
Contributing artists intervened in very different ways : illustration, poetry, opinion, reportage etc… 
Graphist designers were also given a Carte Blanche : Amandine Bigot et Corentin Perrichot.
The five chapters
I - Denounce : threatened bodies, systemic violences
II - Fight : tales of ordinary heroes
III - Think : deconstruct Eurocentrism 
IV - Built : being African in 2018 
V - Create : the laureates of fisrt literary contest organized by Africultures and photographic cartes blanches. 

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks.

In the meantime, support this project and buy this special issue of our journal.


Here are a few examples of the content

I - Denounce : threatened bodies, systemic violences

II - Fight : tales of ordinary heroes

III - Think : deconstruct Eurocentrism 

IV - Built : being African in 2018 

V - Create : the laureates of fisrt literary contest organized by Africultures and photographic cartes blanches

They contributed to this issue
Editorial coordination : Aminata Aidara, Hamidou Anne, Anne Bocandé, Marie-Julie Chalu, Samba Doucouré, Dénètem Touam Bona, Alice Lefilleul.

Graphic coordination : Bigot Amandine, Perrichot Corentin.
Photo Coordination for the “cartes blanches” : Mélanie Cournot, Anaïs Pachabézian.
Copy Editors : Carole Dieterich, Florent Mazeirat.
Translations: Hamidou Anne, Carole Dieterich, Océane Dodokolo.
Writers and artists: Aidara Aminata, Ajbli Fatiha, Almaric David, Anne Hamidou, Assidi Sarah, Bachir-Diagne Souleymane, Benmounen Younes, Bilé Serge, Bocandé Anne, Bonilla Oiara, Boukari-Yabara Amzat, Brinker Virginie, Chalu Marie-Julie, Compaoré Ismaël, de la Chapelle Maud, Doucouré Samba, Elom20ce, Flicka Mylène, Goddard Jean-Christophe, Guedes Cinthia, Kabeya Filip, Kanapé Fontaine Natasha, Kengué Ifrikia, Kisukidi Nadia-Yala, Lefilleul Alice, Mawalum Amandine, Mbougar Sarr Mohamed, Munezero Dacia, Niang Mame-Fatou, Noël James, Oho Bambe Marc Alexandre, Peters Magbollah Henrietta Madia, Raparison Inès, Rocé, Rougier Claude, Saba, Saka Sinatou, Sarr Felwine, Savoy Bénédicte, Sisternas Tussel Joana, Soumahoro Maboula, Stalingrad Connection, Thierry Raphaël, Touam Bona Dénètem, Trouillet Caroline, Vergès Françoise, Wamo Taneisi Paul.
Cartes blanches: Collectif de photographe 220 (Algérie), Magazine Nice (Côte d’Ivoire), Erika Nimis / Marian Nur Goni (Fotota), Anna-Alix Koffi (Something we Africans got).
Jury for the literary contest: Brinker Virginie, Diouf Penda, Faye Gaël, Gauz, Mameche Ouafa, Octavia Gaël, Oho Bambe Marc Alexandre, Pezeron Laurie, Doucouré Samba.

Laureates:  Abdejlil Sylvain, Belizard Karine, Bema Timba, Bême Emilie, Broussas Théo, De Chevigny Marc-Antoine, Daoudi Dalida, Perpignaà César, Rinaldo Samuel, Zagala Damien.
Those who helped with the project: Nicolas Szlosek (informatique/communication), Aboubacar Naby Camara (graphisme/communication), Ayann Koudou (vidéos/communication), Laura et Benoit (communication).

Para qué es la financiación

More than 70 people contributed and worked for free so that this journals could be edited. 
This fund raising will mostly help us to print and to send this issue to our readers but also to make sure we can communicate about that project. 
If we go above the money we are asking for, the funds will help make sure Africultures can survive this uncertain path. 
We need your support !


In exchange 

Cards and posters 
Totebag with Africultures' logo

Compilations of political French speaking songs produced by Rocé 

Booklets Afriphoto

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Sobre el creador de proyecto

Africultures is a publication of arts and culture about and from Africa and its diasporas, founded in 1997 and based in France. The magazine is managed by the association Africultures. Since 2012 the documentation produced by the magazine and its database made of over 80,000 biographies of artists and description of books, music, films and institutions has been released under the open Creative Commons attribution share alike license. It has become one of the leading portals for information on African topics on the Internet.

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