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A webseries based upon the Hunger Games

Sobre el proyecto

Our webseries has for setting the 25th edition of the Hunger Games, in which 24 boys and girls between twelve and eighteen years old are elected by the citizens of their Districts to take part in a fight to death in a natural mountain arena.

Expiation focuses on the life of a rich Capitol family during the whole Games, mixing their luxuous everyday life and the bloody combats of the teenagers in the arena.

A rich Capitol family - the father works for the organisation of the Games, the kids learn the history of Panem, and they just bought a new servant. They sit in front of the television. Tonight is a special night : after a long year of waiting, the Hunger Games start again. And this year is exceptional : it's the very first Quarter Quell. In a world still scarred by the Districts' rebellion, twenty-four teenagers will be elected by their friends, their families, to fight to death in a gigantic highland arena. The Capitol citizens also prepare for the only thing that really matters : who will they bet on this year ?

(Photo credit : Nature & Sentiers)

In the heart of the French Alps, we have incredibly beautiful moutains, giving us an extraordinary Hunger Games arena covered in forests, waterfalls and limestone cliffs. We are also near the city, letting us film scenes in very different places : for example, the abandoned mines of the Mure...

...or the Grenoble apartment buildings, or the corn fields of Moirans, or the ultra-modern buildings of the city center.


The versatility of the Grenoble region is our greatest asset to capture the extremely different atmospheres of the webseries, showing the luxury of one family's life, the poverty of the Districts and the natural beauty of the arenas.

Para qué es la financiación


700€ of the total collected fund will be reserved for buying a good mic and recorder. We will also get a green screen and a boom. We know that a bad audio quality is extremely inconvenient for watchers, and really want to work on it. If the collected funds are higher than the ones we asked for, we could also buy a pro camera (we currently own two semi-pro cameras).


100€ of the total will be used for making goodies and in particular, the posters (especially those for the castings). If the collected funds are higher than expected, we might make some goodies that are not only for our sponsors.

Costumes and accessories

Costumes are expensive, and latex weapons even more. This is why 700€ will be used for buying them. If the collected funds are higher than expected, the costumes will be more beautiful, the weapons more realistic and the fake blood more bloody !


Our film set is in the middle of the moutains, and a bus return trip is around 10 euros. Starting with a 100€ nest egg will help us financing the main cast and the crew, who have to go there more regularly. If the collected funds are higher than expected, we might have enough to buy a (300€) subscription to some of our busiest actors, who'd still pay a part of the others' costs.

Some indicative prices...

Pro camera : 2000€
Pro microphone : 210€
Recorder : 250€
Microphone boom : 50€
Green screen : 30€
Costumes : 24x80€ (30€ for the arena, 50€ for the rest) + Capitol costumes : 7x100€
Fake blood : circa 30€ per month
Latex sword : 70€
Bus tickets : 25€ for 3 return tickets
Creation of the GrePlan Prod. association : 44€ 

Sobre el creador de proyecto

The director

Lexane Sirac is a huge fan of the Hunger Games and has been a comedian for several years. She already works in the webseries universe since November 2011, when she became PR for Noob Développement (a videogame-developing branch of the famous french webseries Noob), and has met many a representant of the world of webseries since. She's also the one subtitling Quell in English and Italian.

The special effects supervisor

Student in infographics and after many years of creating special effects in videos, including the webseries Noob, Sylvian Ropert joined us for this project.

The chief composer

Great guitarist and member of a Grenoble rock band, Joshua Wildhorn has written many tracks, including original creations for Quell, including this one, which you can listen to and download for free.

The cast isn't shown here, because our official castings will be held in August 2012.


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