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Doux émois

a love book for twelve months

Sobre el proyecto

"Doux Emois", is a paper object, telling a love scene in 12 images, like a calendar.
It was designed and produced during the confinement period in Paris, in 2020.

20 copies were made from linoleum plates engraved in relief. The 14 pages printed on Arche BFK 180 paper were then bound in the form of a chinese notebook with a cover lined with fabrics printed in red and gold. These works of art are numbered and signed.

The Ululue project will help spread this love story more widely.

With the offset printing produced by the Montquartiers art printing office in Issy-les-Moulineaux in the neigborhood of Paris, the art book becomes a stationery product. It will find its place in good bookstores and a selection of Parisian, English, German and Japanese shops. "Doux émois" will perhaps become this precious and delicate witness to love.


"Doux émois" is published by the editions of the two L.

The object unfolds with its 120 cm long and is held between two hands with its 20 cm high. It comes in a red vertical envelope closed with a lace. A presentation card in three languages ​​precedes the discovery and unfolding of the images. Here is the edited and packaged object:



Under ULULE:

The first 30 copies are signed and stamped.

You can also order two at a reduced price.

With 15 copies ordered, you become an ambassador for the project. We wish that you can make known the product and the works of the artist around you. To thank you, we offer you an original print (stamped, numbered and signed) from the "Doux émois" collection (value € 100).

Finally, you can also acquire one of the 20 books of original prints during this Ululue campaign, at a reduced price.

Para qué es la financiación

production (printing, shaping, packaging) and thus to prepare the distribution of the object more widely in shops (200 ex minimum).

  • From € 1,750 collected, the project becomes feasible! Prints are made with our partners and orders are placed. The preparation is bearing fruit and we were right to optimize the design, the manufacturing and the short supply and production circuits.
  • from 3000 € collected, we can double production, and thanks to the magic of printing, we reduce production costs. To celebrate, we slip a small gift in each envelope ... something like a bonus ... Without revealing everything, at the beginning this story unfolded with one more image ... moreover we also slip 5 invitations to the chance to come and see the manufacturing workshop.
  • from € 4,000 raised, the objective is more than achieved. Beyond the possibilities available, we want to share this joy immediately and organize an exhibition at the Galerie de la Villa des Arts, 15, rue Hégessipe Moreau in Paris 75018. The original works will be exhibited as well as others linocuts. Come all because 10 original engravings of the project will be offered by lot to those present!
  • from 5000 € collected, we dare not even think about it: we are doing the exhibition and you will be even more numerous to come! There will then be 20 engravings offered and ... one of the 20 engraving books put into the draw!

All of this seems accessible, beautiful and joyful at the same time !


Thank you so much to share 

Thank you for your nice participation

Thank you for your encouragement

Sobre el creador de proyecto

Laurent Letourmy is an artist living and working in Paris, his hometown.

His linocut works are displayed by the famous Paul Prouté gallery in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris .

Trained by Martial Raysse then at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, it is also his travels and his taste for observation that mark his graphic universe. He questions the human gaze on the environment as if gaze on the environment and existence at the heart of the environment should become one. For 25 years, he has been building a symbolic and dreamlike universe playing on relationships between the observer and his visions.

With the 12 prints of the book "Doux emois", Laurent Letourmy offers a walk in the heart of a love scene, that of the subjective look of the lover, the one who creates and explores the libertine space, savor the tender moment , and becomes an actor in this infinite sharing.

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