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Trekking and ecological documentary in Nepal

Ecology is no longer an option, it is a necessity, and this throughout the world

Sobre el proyecto


When a childhood friend contacted me and said, "Candie, do you want to do a trek in Nepal for our 30th birthday and join the Everest base camp?!". As a hiking enthusiast, I said yes!

And then I started to think about Nepal and the pollution rate that is very important in this part of the world because of some hikers and mountaineers. I started to look at the actions that have already been put in place to clean up the trails that go up to the top of the planet Earth. Being a nature lover and a supporter of the ecology, I thought I could, by going on this 15-day trek, contribute to raise awereness about the environment by documenting all this.

I therefore wish, during this trek in Nepal, to meet locals, sherpas and hikers to get their views on nature and ecology on the roof of the world. But that's not all, thanks to the agency that will accompany us on the trek, I will also be in contact with associations that work to clean up hiking trails in Nepal, especially the Everest trails.

My project is to design a documentary that will be broadcasted on the Internet, first, and then in festivals. I also want to write several articles that will be published on the blog Les Géonautrices in the categories trekking and ecology.

To raise public awareness and give everyone the opportunity to learn more and participate in the ecological revolution that is underway, I sincerely hope to see this project through.


My goal is to show Nepal, popular thanks to its highest peak in the world, which has been soiled over the years. I want to highlight this negative point, but also to show the progress that has been made in cleaning up the area. I would like to raise awareness of the pollution there, on the treks that join the Everest base camp, but without forgetting to mention that pollution is a major problem today, all over the world, and that everyone must contribute to it on a daily basis, whether hiking or not.

There is a good chance that documentaries will be shared more easily through social networks and this will make it possible to reach other people who today may not yet feel concerned by this international ecological crisis.


First of all, you may be interested in the physical challenge. The trek of the 3 passes that climbs to Everest Base Camp is one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal and one of the highest in the world. It is a 14-day long hike that climbs to an altitude of 5545 metres. For this trek, I will publish on the blog several articles on the physical and logistical preparation as well as on the trek itself. I will explain in detail the steps I would have gone through from the beginning of the project to the end.

Then you can follow the environmental project which is very important. I will talk about the ecological crisis we are currently experiencing and the pollution problems that have been caused by mountain lovers in Nepal.

Indeed, for many years, hikers and mountaineers from all over the world have travelled to Nepal in the hope of climbing the highest summit in the world or getting as close as possible to it, but with no respect for the land of the Nepaleses and the environment in general.

My wish is to meet the people who live near the trails, to talk with our guide and other hikers to interview all these people and show everyone's point of view in these circumstances. I will also contact the associations that work for the protection of nature to highlight all the work that has already been done to clean up the trails.


This documentary project will go through three phases that I present below:

Phase 1 :

  • Search for funding, sponsors and pre-production of the documentary - July 2018/February 2019.

Phase 2 :

  • Production, shooting and trekking in Nepal in one month - April/May 2019.

Phase 3 :

  • Post-production and distribution of the documentary - Writing and publishing articles on the blog - June 2019 and the following months.

Para qué es la financiación

Your participation will be used to develop and ensure the success of this project. Indeed, to ensure its success, I will need funds to complete my video and trekking equipment, but it will be especially when I am on site and to be able to focus 100% on post-production that I will need your help!

By giving this project a boost, you are not taking any risks. Either I succeed in obtaining the desired amount and the project will be carried out, or I do not reach it and you will be reimbursed automatically. Of course the goal is to succeed in this campaign together! :-)

If I exceed the desired amount, I could devote 100% of my time to this project, especially during post-production, and I could also donate an amount to an ecological association in Nepal. In addition, I will be able to hire a carrier who can help us pick up the garbage we see on the edges of the trails. Wanting to make this documentary is important to me, but actively participating in cleaning up the waste we will see will be just as important. Why only show when you can also act?

Having other sports and ecological projects for the future, if the surplus also allows it, the funds will be used to finance some of these projects too. To learn more about these projects, I invite you to visit this page: Challenge, happiness, adventure (it is only in french for now).

Sobre el creador de proyecto

I am Candie, a great fan of travel and outdoor sports, but also of nature, wide open spaces and ecology. The more I travel, the more I see the beautiful landscapes that the planet has. But the more I travel, the more I see the pollution caused by human beings and the disrespect for our host, Mother Nature. Today, I want to do my best, with the keys I have, to put forward solutions and actions that are found and done to improve things and raise awareness of the cause of ecology.

I have been running a travel blog, Les Géonautrices, for about two years now and we are using this blog to promote the ethical and responsible travel that is very important to us. Travel itself has an impact on the planet, but by taking certain measures and changing the way people travel, we limit this impact on nature. We also talk about trekking and hiking, a sport through which we are in direct contact with nature.

As for me, I studied film (screentwriting, direct documentary) in Quebec a few years ago. I am a great video and photo enthusiast and I really want to put my passion for these media at the service of ecology. That's why I'm now creating this project and also running our travel and trekking blog.

To learn more about my collaborator, Enora, and myself, please visit our blog.

Who are we ?

You can find us on several social networks:



  • FAQ

You want to become one of the partners of the "Défi, bonheur, aventure" project of the Géonautrices or know the possibilities of officially sponsoring it, what to do?

First of all, we thank you for your interest! If you want to know the possibilities of associating yourself with our project, just write to us (there is the possibility of sending a message at the top right of this page or directly via the contact form of our blog) giving us some details about your activity and the type of partnership that would interest you and we will contact you as soon as possible!


Why crowdfunding?

My motivation is to create a public documentary, accessible to all and funded by you and for you! Your support will be an undeniable advantage in the realization of this project and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest.


When will you receive your counterpart?

The counterparts will be sent after my return from Nepal (more or less quickly depending on each counterpart), because they will almost all be produced (photos, documentary) or purchased (goodies) during the trekking and documentary production on the spot.


You want to get an invoice, how to do it?

Just send me a message with your billing information (there is the possibility to send a message at the top right of this page) and I will issue you an invoice at the end of the campaign.


You can't make the payment via the site, what should I do?

Contact Ulule directly because I do not manage the payments made on the site. To contact them: