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Let's build together a solar and ecological future

Sobre el proyecto

BAITYKOOL (baity: home + cool) is an innovative and ecological housing project created in Bordeaux in 2016 by a multidisciplinary group of students and young professionals. This project is the only one led by a french team to win the Solar Decathlon Middle East Edition of 2018, in Dubai, against 21 international teams around various architecture and engineering contests.

Our project represents an answer to the upgrowing issues of urban settlement living in hot climate, and we aspire to build a real scale prototype in the Solar Hai of Dubai for the final SDME competition in November 2018.

That's when you come in. In order to make this adventure happen, we need your support to give our team the opportunity to fly this summer to Dubai and build what we hope to be the winning proposal for this prestigious competition.

With the global climate change, many parts of the world are witnessing an increase in temperatures. These extreme conditions push people to increase their use of air conditioning equipments thus consuming large amounts of energy and producing a quantity of greenhouse gas that affect the general balance.

To face the emergency of a clean energy use, and to reconnect with environmentally-friendly technologies and alternatives, students from engineering, architecture, biology, design and marketing imagined life-changing solutions for the future of housing. In this perspective, we designed BAITYKOOL as a passive and efficient project that works towards self-sufficiency by offering innovative and virtuous solutions to its inhabitants.

Our housing prototype comes as an answer to what we consider being the biggest issue of our century. In addition to groundbreaking technologies, we decided to make our building as alive as its inhabitants by designing a greencore with living fauna and flora. In fact, the house  evolves, lives and breathes.

Here are some of the technologies that we developed and that we hope to share at a larger scale with you !

  • Exclusive use of solar energy generated by facade and roof integrated solar panels
  • Illimited natural cooling through tunnel effect during the cooler seasons
  • Radiative sky cooling systems all year long
  • Innovative interior design strategy
  • Food self-efficiency (vegetables, fruit and fish production) for 4 inhabitants with the help of the aquaponic system
  • Greywater reuse through water treatment systems (lumbrifilter and UV solar filter) and an aquaponic system made of fish, plants and bacteria.

Para qué es la financiación

Goal 1 :

Our students work tirelessly for 450 days on the Baitykool project and still are !

People from many fields gathered around one and only project to add value and strength to the team and its expertise to design and make a change in the future of sustainable housing.

After spending months drawing the building to its most precise details, we now are in the critical phase of construction. We started building the first elements of the prototype (structure, insulation, joinery, aquaponics, etc) and are preparing the first shipment to Dubaï by the beginning of May.

In order to keep on the good work and make this project happen, our presence is mandatory in Amity campus in Dubai from July to September in order to start and complete the assembly.

For this, we need your help ! Make a change, support our students to fly to Dubai and make this project happen.

This phase is a precious period of fast learning that will help our team gain priceless professional experience in a short amount of time.

Goal 2 :

If we succeed in this first campaign - an with your help, we believe we will, our second goal is to collect enough funds to ship the prototype to the Solar Hai and win the competition.

Sobre el creador de proyecto

About :
Baitykool is a project created and supported by students from more than three french schools and universities (Université de Bordeaux, ENSAM, ENSAPBx and others) and two middle-eastern ones (Amity University from Dubai and Annajah University of Nablus). Our multidisciplinarity is our main strength. The goal is to design an efficient housing prototype for large metropolises of the Middle East.

Our Mission :
Design a house where all elements combine to form a complete and harmonious system, adapting to both local culture and local climate.

Our Ambition :
Bring life to the creative and innovative project that we have imagined and win this first edition of Solar Decathlon in the Middle East 2018.

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