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Apocalypse - Short Film

A dark comedy about the Horse(wo)men of the Apocalypse

Sobre el proyecto

Apocalypse is a short film directed by Neva Lilljequist, with BATCAM

Length: 10 minutes

Shoot: 7th-10th September 2020

Release: December 2020


In this dark comedy, four women, each representing: Death, Conquest, War, and Famine meet for dinner to have a discussion about the Apocalypse. Death is anxious, as she has decided that she no longer wants to take part in the destruction of humanity, having grown an attachment to them through her "work". She knows that her colleagues will never accept her change of position and has decided to kill them by poisoning their food. 



Death in itself is a difficult concept to comprehend and that scares many people, including me. Which is why I want to humanize it/her, show her in a different light.

The main problematic of the film being the Apocalypse, it's also a reminder of our current situation, that it's time to act and make sacrifices before it's too late. 

During the shoot, I paid close attention to the visual aspect of the film. The lighting was very important to me, as each Horsewoman has a color associated with her, which is also reflected in their costumes. The scenography is also complex, with many objects symbolizing death, conquest, war, and famine, hidden in the decor. The dishes they eat also have their importance, each tailored to their personality. 

"Apocalypse" brings up several serious themes, like death and the end of the world, but I don't want to make a drama out of it. I think it's important, especially in our times, to be able to make fun of all this and to be able to see them with a grain of salt. That is why it's going to be a comedy.



Clara Cantos as Death

Death, symbol of sickness and disease, is very weak physically. She wants to avoid conflict as much as possible, while still wanting to stop her friends at all costs. She's the oldest, first created, and in a way the leader of the Horsewomen.

Eloïse Pochon as Conquest 

Conquest is the youngest. She thirsts for power and wants to take the upperhand over Death and rule over humanity.

Lorianne Cherpillod as War

War simply wants to see the world burn. She likes to sow chaos between her own friends and wants to make humanity suffer.

Donatienne Amann as Famine

Famine doesn't really want to hurt anyone, but she is driven by hunger which she cannot control. 
She votes for the Apocalypse because it could ultimately fill the void she is trying to fill.






Para qué es la financiación

Despite the volunteer team, a shoot remains expensive. This money would therefore be used to finance and reimburse:

  • Rental of equipment for image, light, and sound (30%)
  • Transport and catering (30%)
  • Rental of locations for filming (10%)
  • Vintage car rental (10%)
  • The scenography (10%)
  • The soundtrack (5%)
  • Registration for festivals (5%)

Sobre el creador de proyecto

My name is Neva Lilljequist, I am 21 years old and I am a student at l'Ecole de Cinéma de Lausannne. This project, which I'm very attached to, concludes two years of training and will allow me to obtain my diploma as a director.

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm on stage. In fact, I started acting at the age of 3 at the Théâtre des Jeunes in Pully, which I still frequent a lot today. I discovered there a passion for acting and I still want to make it my job one day. However, through my studies, I discovered the world of cinema and directing. This project, a huis-clos, is very influenced by my life and my theatrical experience.

In 2019, I participated in the creation of an association of young filmmakers, BATCAM, which collaborates in the creation and creation of this project.

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