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Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero - Abysses Repetita

New Album Automn 2020

Sobre el proyecto

After the records Astronaute [2018], Persona Non Gratis EP [2017], Chimiq EP [2016], Peinture Fraîche [2015] and Le Beau Temps [2014], we will soon have the pleasure to share with you Abysses Repetita!

Better than a long text, here’s a snippet, a short glimpse of what the album will sound like:

Abysses Repetita will be released at Mentalow Music in vinyl, CD, digital and on all streaming platforms.

11 Neo Boom Bap tracks in which classic 90’s Rap blends in with a fresh and modern sound texture. Less samples and more instruments, for as much heaviness in Vin’S da Cuero’s productions. Pumpkin, on her side, explores a bunch of deep topics with great technique and a subtle writing style.

40 minutes of sound immersion into the depths from 78 to 107 BPM.

5 guests. 3 musicians [Bastien Burger, Médéric Collignon and Sami Fatih], a singer [Eva Ménard] et a DJ [DJ Odilon].

0 featured artists.

In this adventure, we are supported by partners : Modulor [distribution], L’Igloo [booking], The Feebles [artwork], Franck Lebègue [photos], Blanka of Kasablanka [mix and mastering], Sébastien Marqué [music videos], Charlie Mars [music videos], Sébastien Tanquart [stage coach], Stéréolux in Nantes [residency], le VIP in Saint-Nazaire [residency] and SPPF.

About releasing an album in the midst of a pandemia :

The release of an album as independent artists is not an easy thing. The release of an album as independent artists in times of pandemia is beyond complicated. We had two options :

Wait for an hypothetical and highly uncertain better moment to drop the album, facing the risk of a negative impact on our creativity for a while, or else, stick to the plan, despite the not very pleasing idea of doing it knowing we will probaby not be able to tour, and having to lower our ambitions. No tour means less publicity, less impact, less sales. And less sales on the horizon means we have to reduce our budget.

Our philosophy has always been to do our best no matter what, so we have decided to adjust and re-think the release of the album and cross our fingers. Music is made to be shared!

After our Space exploration, we once more count on your precious support more than ever, in order to successfully complete this new adventure in troubled waters!

We are Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero, rapper and beatmaker. This is our crowdfunding campaign.


Para qué es la financiación

This campaign is kind of a deluxe pre-order that offers you the opportunity to financially support Mentalow Music a little further. To ensure transparency, here’s a detailed estimated budget to this day :

Mastering : 1200€

Music videos : 5000€

Musicians : 1200€

SDRM (Mechanical Reproduction Rights) [CD et vinyles] 1200€

Vinyls + CD manufacture : 3900€

Artworks : 2500€

Ulule Rewards : Hard to know at the moment

Promotion [CD, flyers, stickers, posters, newsletters, sponsoring] : 1000€

Ulule share : 8% (VAT included) for all funds received by credit card, 5% (VAT included) for all funds received by check or via PayPal.

And the list goes on and on, so, if we smash the 5000€ raising, we won’t be out of ideas to invest the extra money and will make this project even more ambitious and beautiful.

Nota Bene: The money will go directly to Mentalow Music and will entirely be used for this project. After a personal investment when we started the label years ago, we have chosen ever since, to always re-invest profits in the next projet. We are « intermittents du spectacle » which means we make a living with shows, workshops and copyrights.

Sobre el creador de proyecto

We are Pumpkin [rapper] & Vin’S da Cuero [beatmaker], inseparable underground and multitask French Rap duo based in Nantes, but always on the road. When we are allowed to

We met back in 2006 during the Myspace era within the ViBe League collective launched by our friend and beatmaker, Supafuh. Our first collaboration took place in 2007 with 2 songs on Pumpkin’s first album L’Année en Décembre.

Determined and control freaks, in 2011, we created our small label called Mentalow Music and started to release  projects like Put It On Wax, Silence Radio, Le Beau Temps, Peinture Fraîche, Chimiq EP and Persona Non Gratis EP. The good part of being self-produced, is that we control absolutely every aspect of our work but the bad part is that we have to learn to be able to do anything by ourselves.

Along the years, we’ve never stopped working on our craft and were lucky to collaborate with great artists such as 20syl [C2C/Hocus Pocus/Alltta], China Moses, Beatspoke, DJ Vadim, Guts, Jay Prince, Boog Brown, Rita J., Dynasty, Gaël Faye, Vicelow, Sly Johnson, Mr J. Medeiros [The Procussions/Alltta] among others.

In 2013, we were Hip Hop Inouïs of The Printemps de Bourges Festival  and Special Prize of the Jury Grand Zebrock.

200 concerts and as many train delays later, we continue to criss-cross France and Europe with our too heavy suitcases.

Definitely Hip Hop, our music filled with Boom Bap, Electro, Jazz and Soul spreads thanks to your precious support and that of French media like FIP, France Inter, Konbini, France Culture, Mouv’, Tsugi, Radio Nova, l’Abcdrduson Longueur d’Ondes, France Ô, France 4 and a bunch of great small indie blogs.

After spending more than 12 years as a couple and probably as much actual time together, we still find a way to enjoy it. Why ? It’s a complete mystery.

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Vin'S da Cuero

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