by nathalie costes

private sale to finance my participation in the Premiere Classe Show

Acerca de

The fashion designer Nathalie Costes known for her lacquered wooden bead necklaces, has gone back to her childhood when at the age of ten, under the guidance of an older sister, she learned how to crochet. What a good thing.

Her cotton collerettes don’t set out to cover up, they are light to wear around the neck, with the possibility depending on the model, of reaching one’s shoulders or chest. The designer is known for her passion for the unusual. And it is certainly not her imagination that limits the size of her creations. 

For Nathalie Costes, the fashion accessory is the best area in which to express the  pleasure she finds in playing with codes. That which she is playing with here is the bedroom child’s play of dressing up, when paper table cloth around the neck took you into the court of the king of France. Collerettes have the power, once fastened the neck, to liberate in us a little bit of mischief.

The delicate work of N C transmits the pleasure found in producing something simply. The skilful technique of crochet allows variation in the way the finished piece hangs. Cotton is a natural material and it takes the designer wherever she wants to go, according to whether she envisages a long curving necklace or something shorter.

Whatever one wears, a collerette fits in easily.

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Para qué es la financiación

Nathalie Costes designed and created her first collection of crocheted necklaces in January 2012.

She has already made a personal investment in purchasing materials, and producing images, and setting up website.

This first appearance on the web lead to an article in the June edition of Biba magazine, 

an interview on the site

an order from the shop Garde of Los Angeles. 



Today, I am in need of your help to finance my participation in the Premiere Classe Show, an exhibition of fashion accessories taking place in Paris in Jardin des Tuileries, during Fashion Week from 28th of September to 2nd October 2012.

It was at the same show that I exhibited my 2004 to 2008 collections of long, lacquered wooden necklaces.


- Stand 4m2 (reduced price)                                                                   2768 euros

 - stand construction                                                                               200 euros

 - communication documents                                                                   182 euros

 - travel cost to Paris                                                                               350 euros

TOTAL                                                                                               3500 euros

les contreparties 

porte clef (surprise quant à la couleur!)

collerette n°55

sautoir (surprise quant à la forme et la couleur!)

tirage A3

sautoir électrique

-en bois brut longueur 2 mètres (500 euros)

- en bois teinté et bois brut longueur 3 mètres (1000 euros)


Sobre el creador de proyecto

Assistant buyer in an american fashion company, part of Fashion Group of jeanne gambert de Loche, then part of Li Edelkoort for four years, which is what has developed and refined my taste in fashion.

A collection of long lacquered bead necklaces, noted by buyers from around the world and by the international press from 2003 to 2008, brought the brand « Nathalie Costes » into the world of  accessories. 

Today, still anxious to find the ideal product, I’m going back to something lighter and simpler. Cotton threads, a simple crochet to transform the ball of thread into an easy to wear accessory, to dress up a t shirt or a dress. A travelling workshop, for more freedom and inspiration.